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Ruby Connect

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Ruby Connect is a secure payment method that conceals transactions. It can be combined with Ruby zkAuth in the future to enable private transfers across chains. It will customize the keys to reveal the transaction details you want to see, such as addresses, input, output, or identity.

It was designed as a Layer 2 application that aims to address the most fundamental need of crypto space, which is to enforce value transfer with privacy and to enable cross-chain privacy-preserving access control while protecting your assets and on-chain data.

Below are the technical features and components included in the current Ruby Connect:

  • Malleable: We consider it to be very plastic in the sense that it is a first-step technical foundation on which we can build our future private data management system.

  • Crypto-native: We start building Ruby Connect from the most fundamental crypto need - value transfer. We believe this is the right starting point and a critical need to address well.

  • Mint: With Ruby Connect, users can convert any token into an anonymized version, which is the prerequisite of a private transaction and an essential component in our access-control design.

  • Redeem: In return, users can convert the anonymized token back into its native form and use them however they see fit.

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