Core Principles

1. Intent-Centric

Interoperability is the very first step toward an intent-centric design. The new Ruby Protocol strongly emphasizes understanding and aligning with user intentions, driving our intent-centric design approach. By prioritizing the user's goals and purposes, we aim to create an interoperable infrastructure that connects users technically and meaningfully contributes to a more user-centric Web3 ecosystem.

2. Privacy-Preserving

Privacy is one of the most fundamental rights in the decentralized landscape. Ruby Protocol is committed to incorporating a privacy-preserving framework within its interoperable infrastructure. This ensures that sensitive user information remains confidential during interactions, fostering trust and security in decentralized exchanges across different platforms. The lack of interoperability is ultimately a trust issue. By enforcing strict and operable privacy policies, the crypto communities have a chance to tackle the interoperability issue.

3. Open And Collaborative

Embracing open standards and cross-collaboration is critical to promoting inclusivity. With Ruby SDK, we actively engage with industry standards and the wider Web3 community. Ruby Protocol ensures compatibility with various applications and platforms and welcomes any form of integration using the Ruby services to drive interoperability on our terms. This commitment to open standards encourages a more seamless integration experience and supports the growth of a decentralized, interoperable Web3 ecosystem.

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