Business Model

Value Proposition: Provide Privacy-centric Programmable Access Control Middleware for Web3 for individuals and businesses to protect their digital identities and secure online transactions.

Target Customers: Individuals and businesses using web3 platforms such as exchanges, blockchain wallets, and other web3 applications or protocols.

Channels: Reach customers through social media advertising, content marketing, and partnerships with web3 platforms. Use a direct B2B approach via direct sales and bizdev teams.

Key Activities: Develop and maintain privacy-focused web3 tools, provide customer support and education, and collaborate with web3 platforms to integrate the tools.

Key Resources: Web3 developers, privacy experts, customer support team, and partnerships with web3 platforms.

Cost Structure: Salaries for the team, server costs, marketing expenses, and research and development.

Revenue Streams: Freemium subscription model for SaaS services.

  • Offer a basic version of the privacy tools for free and charge a premium for additional features and services.

  • Offer premium services with additional features, such as enhanced privacy protection, for a subscription fee.

  • Differentiate the pricing tiers based on the size of the customer's web3 portfolio or transaction volume, providing more value for higher tiers.

  • Utilize analytics to track usage and engagement and provide targeted offers or promotions to encourage users to upgrade to premium.

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