The solutions and products developed by Ruby Protocol include all kinds of private tokenization methods (zkToken, zkNFT, zkDID, etc), private payment bridge (zkConnect), authentication (zkAuth), and account/sub-account system (zkWallet), etc.
We believe these solutions will form a full suite of cryptographic privacy and access control infrastructure with which users and builders can:
  • Customize the keys to reveal the transaction details they want to reveal.
  • Build a natural mechanism to enforce any access-control policy defined on either NFT or DID.
  • Easily store and encrypt any off-chain data, such as a word document or your seed phrase.
  • Ensure user data and identity confidentiality while performing the KYC steps.
  • Allow users to manage their assets with ease while also enjoying guaranteed privacy and security.
  • Protect users’ data privacy when users upload their encrypted private data to the cloud.