The solutions and products developed by Ruby Protocol include all kinds of private tokenization methods (zkToken, zkNFT, zkDID, etc), private payment bridge (zkConnect), authentication (zkAuth), and account/sub-account system (zkWallet), etc.

Primary, Ruby Protocol now focuse on Account Abstraction (AA), Assets Bridge (AB), Access Control (AC) and more, all of which are designed to accelerate Web3 development and its mass adoption. Ultimately we aim to make Web3 seamless and effortless to everyone everywhere.

We believe these solutions will form a full suite of infrastructure that allows users Web2-like user experience, cryptographic privacy and flexible access control, with which users and builders can:

  • Create or build a crypto wallet that is easy to use and recover.

  • Customize the keys to reveal the transaction details they want to reveal.

  • Build a natural mechanism to enforce any access-control policy defined on either NFT or DID.

  • Easily store and encrypt any off-chain data, such as a word document or your seed phrase.

  • Ensure user data and identity confidentiality while performing the KYC steps.

  • Allow users to manage their assets with ease while also enjoying guaranteed privacy and security.

  • Protect users’ data privacy when users upload their encrypted private data to the cloud.

  • Allow Web3 developers to quickly and easily build the specific applications, user experiences, unique communities, and not fret about creating everything from scratch.

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